Friday, December 9, 2011

O' Christmas Tree...

O' Christmas Tree...How lovely are your branches.

This weekend we are putting up our Christmas tree. It seems that as my kids have gotten older, they've lost their interest in helping with the tree.  Everyone is doing their own I miss my little girls running boxes from storage to the living room just bursting with excitement and thrilled to get the Christmas decorations out. So I'm going to borrow my granddaughter, Jourdan for the afternoon on Saturday or Sunday and that's when the tree is going up. I know she will bring back that childhood wonder that her mom, Tricia and her Auntie Hannah used to have over Christmas. Not that my girls don't love Christmas! Tricia had her own home decorated since the weekend after Halloween and Hannah is a stickler for twinkling Christmas lights which she has in her bedroom year round. I guess what I'm trying to say is that no one brings out the wonder and joy of Christmas like children do!

Anywhoooo...speaking of Christmas's a lovely one from MelJen Designs. Another digital stamp shop full to the brim with FUN designs!

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